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Steve Schwat and Peter Bonnell
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    « Broken Process/Procedures and Volatile/Hostile Leadership »

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    There are no pros to this company. Since the departure of a VP a few years ago there is zero training and concern for those who work on site and do our best. It is chaotic, disorganized and demanding without clear direction from the leaders. Leadership is hostile and volatile which creates a hostile and uncomfortable working environment. People work hard and want to do a good job but the constant demoralization takes a toll. No one can perform to levels of greatness while getting beat down all the time. I joined the company with the hopes of being here for a long time. It is just too much. I have stayed too long. I cannot handle the constant negative emails, the screaming, the yelling and the demoralization that comes from the top. Steve Shwatt is the main person and he sends emails with no regard for how hard the team is working. I may not get them directly but they are sent to me and the team. I am embarassed to work for this company. Our team works so hard and every day we feel punished. There is another person.I think he reports to and/or is the puppet to Steve, Pete who will not help us. I have seen so many people come and go during my time. We had a great VP. She left. We lost a great VP and regional managers and many managers quit because of the toxic and abusive environment. This could be a great company if someone would sit back, relax and just listen to people. When I move on, I will focus on being collaborative and listen to people-even if we don't agree. That makes for a strong team.
    Pro--I have learned what NOT to do as a business leader. Thank you Steve and all the others like you. I learned alot. I have also learned what it takes to have a positive culture. A party does not create culture.


    Hostile and volatile owners. No direction. Pay structure (which is not legal). No communication--except yelling and screaming and harsh, demoralizing emails from everyone. No moral compass. No appreciation for people who give up family time for the company. No regard for people who work hard and give up everything to help the company to be successful--it is thankless! I cannot wait to move on from this company. When the HR person leaves due to issues with the company, that is a clear sign to find another job.

    Conseils à la direction

    I did all I can do to help. No one listens/cares. My advice--you have two ears and one mouth, by design--use them in proportion--listen to what everyone has said over the last 5+ years. Nothing changes if nothing changes. The leaders want to blame those around them.
    Hint: hold up a mirror--look closely--you will see why the company has high turnover and people who are unhappy and disengaged.

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The UIP Companies photo de : Maintenance Appreciation Week!
The UIP Companies photo de : Maintenance Appreciation Week!
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  • PACE Award, Property Management Association, 2016
  • Delta Associates Mid-Atlantic Mutlifamily awards, Delta Associates, 2012

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