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The Open University Vice-Chancellor Peter Horrocks
Peter Horrocks
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  • « A place in decline »

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    I worked in several roles at the OU. Whereas I thought it was a good place in the beginning, that has changed over time and ended in a sad farewell. But first the good points:
    1) The infrastructure is nice,
    2) The secretaries at my department were always helpful and friendly
    3) The pay was good.


    Although I brought in a short-term research project and the funding that came with it, there was no appreciation for my work and after my temporary contract ended, they had no intention to rehire me. I had good prospects in getting future funding but they were not interested, fair enough.

    However, the not rehiring is not the worst part: during my time at the OU, I felt the whole time surrounded by people who had a permanent job and were clinging on to it. No initiative, comfortable in their position and not worried about junior members of staff. There should be a cleanup of older staff, it was surreal to see people get away with what they did (or actually did not).

    The OU has recently changed its strategy from research to mainly focused on teaching which has grave implications and although I am out of a job, I think it is good that I left and did not try to cling on.

    Another point of criticism is the fairly weak involvement of the OU in Milton Keynes. There are research projects but the OU is almost invisible in MK: The railway station is filled with ads for Bedford College, while the OU stays almost invisible. MK is a place with potential and the OU is just not taking all the chances.

    Conseils à la direction

    1) Get rid of old tired staff who are just clinging on to their position because of the security.
    2) When hiring somebody, make the contracts last longer. Having to worry where you will be in two months time is stressful and takes time away from the job.
    3) Appreciate the funding and impact that staff brings.
    4) get involved more in Milton Keynes.

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