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Toronto, ON (Canada)
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Nikolai Bratkovski
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  • « Talented, thoughtful, and true to their values »

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    Employé actuel - Employé anonyme - Toronto, ON (Canada)
    Employé actuel - Employé anonyme - Toronto, ON (Canada)
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    The team at Opencare are some of the most thoughtful and talented individuals I've ever met! A lot of people speak about "hiring people that are smarter than you" but Opencare is the first place I've really seen this become reality.

    Everyone is involved in major decision making from day 1, and there is complete transparency about all aspects of the company (including the full financials) to ensure everyone is a true stakeholder. New hires are quickly entrusted with high-value, high-impact projects with lots of autonomy and support from leaders; a very refreshing change to previous organizations.

    The values that are articulated on the website are strictly adhered to in hiring so the culture really does match with what the Founders wanted to build. This makes hiring slow but the calibre of individuals that join allows them to integrate and contribute very quickly.

    The leadership is committed to building a long-term sustainable company and really emphasize the need for the team to take time for rest, recuperation, and a focus on wellness.

    Overall, I have a tremendous sense of excitement heading to work everyday and look forward to learning and growing with the team around me.


    Hiring does take a long time (due to the focus on hiring people that add to the culture) which means there are some gaps on the team for a while. This can place strain on teams but the managers do try to provide insight and visibility into the work being done to address it.

    The fast pace of work can lead to rapid changes in direction and de-prioritized work. This is to be expected in a start up but can be frustrating if you are not used to it.

    Conseils à la direction

    Continue to think and look critically at the business and avoid getting swept up in your own hype. You're building something very special and we're excited to be along for the journey!

    Continue to share freely and speak openly about decisions and changes, it makes a huge difference to the team.

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