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Amazon est guidée par quatre principes: l'obsession de la clientèle plutôt que la concentration des concurrents, la passion pour l'invention, l'engagement envers l'excellence opérationnelle et la réflexion à long terme. Nous sommes animés par l'enthousiasme suscité par la ...
Mission : Notre mission est d'être la société la plus centrée sur le client de la Terre. Nos actions, objectifs, projets, programmes et inventions commencent et finissent avec le client en tête de liste. Vous nous entendrez aussi dire que chez Amazon, c'est toujours "Jour 1". Que ...

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11 juin 2021
Amazon opens Disaster Relief Hub in Atlanta for faster response to natural disasters. Since 2017, Amazon’s disaster relief and response efforts have provided over 13 million items and tens of millions of dollars to support community partners worldwide during 59 natural disasters
Shared image - Amazon opens Disaster Relief Hub in Atlanta for faster response to natural disasters
Amazon opens Disaster Relief Hub in Atlanta for faster response to natural disasters
28 avril 2021
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Amazon ranks #1 on LinkedIn’s annual Top Companies list as the company where Americans most want to work. Thank you to each and every Amazon employee! #LinkedInTopCompanies
Shared image - LinkedIn names Amazon No. 1 company where Americans want to work
LinkedIn names Amazon No. 1 company where Americans want to work

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Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos
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La collaboration avec des personnes d'une intelligence et d'une ingéniosité extrêmes et dont les parcours ont été variés.  Les occasions de prendre ses responsabilités et de travailler sur des


Il faut parfois savoir dire non car les semaines ne sont pas assez longues. :)
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  1. Entretien de Software Development Engineer

    Employé anonyme, Seattle, WA
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    J'ai postulé via une autre source. J'ai passé un entretien chez Amazon (Seattle, WA) en mai 2013


    Called out of the blue, asked if I'd be interested in interviewing. Still not entirely sure how they got my name. Had first phone interview the next week, asked no personal questions, all technical in nature. Total of 3 phone interviews and an in-person trip out to Seattle.

    Took about 4 months start to finish. The people in the in person interview were wonderful. Very smart, laid back, and understanding. Got lunch, small tour of campus, and learned what I'd be doing. Got the offer 2 business days after the in person interview.

    Sadly, I signed a NDA and I respect the terms of that. As such, I can't give you any specific questions, but I'll gladly give you the best advice I have.

    Phone Interviews :

    Phone interviews are sucky by nature. Coordinating a call from west to east coast alone is painful, add the fact that phones just take away the benefits of body language, and just make it harder to hear, and you've got a recipe for disaster. But fear not! Here are some helpful hints, some of which are obvious, some of which are not.

    1. Get ready ahead of time. I just mean, get to the area you'll be doing the interview beforehand. I'd recommend an hour or more, just to get your nerves ready. Breathe, get used to the surroundings, and get everything laid out ahead of time. Which brings me to...

    2. I know it's a "programming" interview, but for the love of all things good, have a pen and paper ready and at your disposal. Bring a backup pen. Much like a printer, the pen will fail at the worst possible time. You may also need a laptop, as I was asked to do "on the fly" programming. But close anything and everything distracting. Speaking of...

    3. Pick a spot where there are no distractions. You'll want your undivided attention on this interview. Don't have BookTweet or FaceSpace or MyGram or that crap open if you have a laptop. And I personally wouldn't pick a public space, you never know when an annoying parent will put their screaming child right beside you.

    4. Breathe. Just breathe. Take a moment, stretch, and remember you got this. If you have trouble hearing, don't be afraid to ask again. Don't be afraid to say you don't know. Do as for clarifications, and state assumptions up front. Always re-state the problem as you understand it.

    As for the content : For the love of God, know what a time complexity is, and how to determine it for any and all code you write. Know the time complexities of all sorts. Know all data structures, how to use them, and properties of each. (Insertion time, deletion, etc) Generally know what heck you're talking about. But don't talk too much. You don't want silence at any point really, but you certainly don't want to let the interviewer not get a word in. Know graph theory, tree theory, and all the fun stuff associated with more "complex" structures. Understand what your language does behind the scenes, as far as GC and compiling go. Know how your language use internal structures to manage the code/objects you write.

    **Continued below**

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