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    Employé actuel - Dispatch Operator - Ossett, Angleterre (Royaume-Uni)
    Employé actuel - Dispatch Operator - Ossett, Angleterre (Royaume-Uni)
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    Some great staff, lovely people, absolutely some great memories have been made working with the people in the despatch area.
    Transferrable skills can easily be learned in the warehouse, making it a great place for a logistics professional to begin their career.
    Reasonable/competetive rate of pay.
    Able to work on personal projects in free time.
    Positive attitude towards personal development and skills learning from some team leaders
    Rigorous attitude towards food safety.
    Excellent products.
    HR is Lovely, a rarity beyond rarities!
    Hockey table!
    Cheap vending machines in canteen.
    Active workplace with many novel situations developing, demanding critical thinking and professionalism to resolve, enabling a growth mindset to flourish.
    Could be great, just needs a kick in the right direction.
    Free butter!


    There is a very clear divide between staff on an operational and administrative level, a rift that will likely get worse as the warehouse staff routinely and very vocally exclaim their unhappiness with how "management" are handling things, from token claims of "values" which means nothing in practice, or shoddy patch jobs on machinery that requires much better maintenance instead of fabricated sheets of metal. That's without talking about the dangerous amount of potholes, build up of dust and iron filings and other such issues that required remedying months, if not years ago that have just been ignored.
    The feeling of favouritism and cliques developing around certain administrative staff haven't been helped by the constantly unfolding drama in the workplace that is definitely not conducive to a healthy work environment, not least of which because it leaves several highly talented and already well-trained operators and team leaders feeling particularly mistreated.

    Conseils à la direction

    Foster positive development of your staff, great people work here, for some it is more than a job, let them learn, let them grow, do not try and punish success or fastidiousness, encourage growth, take on the new ideas that seem a bit risky.

    Treat your operating staff with a bit more respect, certainly there are a lot of us, and I am familiar with Dunbar's number, meaning you can only ever see a certain amount of humans as complex individuals, but please give the staff a bit more credit than treating them like wage slaves in a dead-end job, because that is how they will feel, and that helps no one.

    Invest in your engineering and IT teams, engineering is overtaxed with problems they are not well equipped to fix, IT has problems they don't know they have, the effort should not be to keep the place just "running" they should be able to get out ahead of these problems to prevent them in the future, reactionary engineering is for first year startups and government employees, we are a major company, we can do better than this.

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