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Waarom koos je voor Deloitte

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Ik had hierbij het beste gevoel.

This is one of the worst companies i have ever seen. reason - They only think about money - most of the employees work more than 10 hours every day. - The more they grow in deloitte they need to spend more hours for office work and less for family hence most of the Sr. Managers and directors, they are divorced. - The more butter your boss the more you can grow in the company, good work does not count.

Hoe zou u project X aanpakken? Begroting opmaken voor groendienst van uw eigen stad Wat heeft u geleerd uit uw stage bij bedrijf X?

Why Deloitte? What makes you uncomfortable? Why technology? If you were the major of your town, how much of the budget would you attribute to keeping the streets clean and why? Questions in English/French/Dutch. What is something you want to learn?

Fairly typical case interviews with 15 min CV/Fit + 25min case + 10 min questions and discussion. Case interviews tend to have a focus on market sizing. Make sure to practice brainteasers and market sizing questions and make sure to emphasize WHY Deloitte specifically

Rijbewijs, taalkennis niveau (kort getest voor Frans en Engels door 1 vraagje te beantwoorden), en zelf eigenschappen van je persoonlijkheid benoemen, waarna de interviewer hier dieper op in ging (situationeel + hoe omgegaan met zwaktes)

Pourquoi Aprico ? Quelles sont vos précédentes expériences ? Questions techniques

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