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Are your skills comensurate and applicable to the role on offer, and why.

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I answered by being positive and citing examples of similar projects where the business need was satisfied, and by giving feedback on potential approaches that I might take again.

Questions on the phone: 1. Tell me about something that motivated you and what you did about it. 2. Give me an example of when you have applied innovation to solve a complex problem What would you have done differently? 3. Describe a time when you worked with someone you didn’t get on with. How did you manage the situation? 4. Tell me about a time when you delivered the needs of a customer? 5. Describe a time when you changed a process to make it more efficient/ completed successfully? The questions during the assessment day were quite precise, but still in the STAR and competence-based format ("tell about about a time where....). They asked precise examples when you showed leadership, team work, when you had a conflict, how you resolved it, when you had to work with someone you don't like, what makes you happy,.... During the Assessment day we had 2 fake meetings (so in group): one about CSR and impact in the countries where you operate, and one to resolve a supply chain problem. We also had to do a product launch presentation, a role play (the interviewer is one employee who's having problems and you have to discuss it with him) and a regular interview. It's a long day but it was a lot of fun! Be carefull to really emphasize on their values as they really love that (and mention them, apparently that does work).

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