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US Army
On a demandé à un Visual Information Equipment Operator-Maintainers...9 octobre 2012

No difficult questions, but perhaps difficult choices in career options and location

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Research what you really want to do and learn, and search for something that will pay of in the civilian world as well. Moins

Office of Naval Intelligence

What type of photography are you most experianced with?

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Give an example of a time you had a difficult client and how you resolved the problem. Moins

US Patent and Trademark Office

What did I not like about my last supervisor.

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I simply said that I felt he could have been involved more with customer complaints. Moins

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Asked me to critique a special project that their team had done

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This wasn't hard as it looked like it was done by a beginner and there were so many comments I could say. Moins

US Army

There aren't any specific questions but make sure you are honest with everything you tell them.

US Defense Intelligence Agency

Describe a project that wasn't as well received as you thought it would be, and what you did about it.

US Defense Intelligence Agency

How do you manage lots of projects happening at once?

US Defense Intelligence Agency

Describe for me your approach to working with a customer on a new project; what steps would you take.

Marine Corps Community Services

I was pretty prepared, so nothing really caught me off guard.

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