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On a demandé à un Desarrollador UI/UX...12 juin 2019

Cual ha sido el mayor reto hasta el momento en tu vida?

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Aunque en mi caso, esto fue personal, la respuesta no es específicamente dedicada a tus habilidades, si no puede ser, también en lo profesional Moins


Tell me about your self.

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Pretty generic answer, summarized my background and what I was doing at that time Moins

Simple Energy

They ask me about my previous experiences and knowledge in UX stream.

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I shared them some of my project along with case study and complete the assignment. Moins

Leapfrog Technology

Design thinking, UX Process, Sprint knowledge, Web technology knowledge

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Well I was pretty confident on the answers, The main thing is to smile, be yourself. They are hiring kind people. Good people can be greater assets than a technical expert with a bad motive! They know that and look from a lot of perspectives if you are a fit for the company or not! Moins

Veena World

How to draw a triangle using CSS. (No access to search syntax on the internet )

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we can draw a triangle using a border and clip-path. but currently, I am not remembering the syntax so can I search on the internet... Moins


Universal Question: Tell me something about yourself? Technical Question: JS, HTML, CSS, Website concepts

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Explained with my own words and thoughts with real-world examples.


What is a dependency property

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No clue offhand. Zoned out when the answer to his own question was regurgitated. Looked it up later and had an "Oh, yeah, that" moment. Moved on to greener pastures. Moins


Tell us about your experience designing and developing for accessibility.

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I talked a bit about my previous experience and some fundamentals of accessible design and development - legibility and contrast, well structured semantic markup, alt text, aria labels, navigation with assistive tech, etc. Moins


Accessibility questions. html, css javascript related questions.

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Professionally and correctly.

Satin Creditcare Network

Aptitude test

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nothing difficult

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