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On a demandé à un SQL/SSIS Developer...27 juillet 2023

What is Insert in DBMS.

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used to insert elements in a database.

Used to insert records in db


What is a configuration file and what do you use it for? Have you ever used an SSIS template? How do you troubleshoot a failed package?

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To make a package dynamic which makes to run on any server, we create a configuration file. Suppose we created a package in dev server and we are now deploying it to QA or prod. Then the properties like server names, databases names etc vary from one server to other. So inorder not going in everpackage change, we just change those properties in config file and we run package by adding that config file. Now same package runs on every server, just changing the properties in config file. We can create config file as XML, sqlsetver, registry,parent child or Windows event. We can troubleshoot an error in a package by searching the error codes in the execution page. Moins

Intellect Design Arena

Technical interviews were from RDBMS basics to all the details quoted in resume

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Please have your basics covered before you go for the interview


1.brief about your total experience 2.explain about your SSIS dev activities what you have done and packages you have developed 3.transformations used 4.different sources 5.SSIS package, all of the sudden not running, what could be the reasons, how do you troubleshoot to resolve this. 6. when working with excel as a source, what are the things we need to consider or things to remember?. will you implement error handling? 8.use of checkpoint and scenario you have used? 9.different kinds of SSIS deployments? 10.SSIS package running slowly, many transformations, how to identify the bottlenecks in the package. 11.materialized view

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I answered to my best of knowledge.


Name five SSIS tasks. Name three ways to execute an SSIS package. How do you account for errors in a package?

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The 5 tasks mostly used are execute SQL task, data flow task, send mail task, file system task, execute process task And the ways to execute a SSIS package are: Using dtexec.exe , dtexecui and from the Ssdt application, sqlagent etc To access for errors we can see the log files and if it is SSIS 2012 and plus versions, in the integration services catalog the log information is saved. Moins

Ness Digital Engineering

Tell me about your project?

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How do you feel about change? Why do you want to work here?


Describe a day at work.


What types of BI tools are you familiar with/have you used?


Mostly scenario based questions for 7 years of exp

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