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On a demandé à un Social Media Marketing Manager...11 novembre 2015

How do you think the Chinese advertisement is different than the Western approach to advertising?

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Often Western ads are witty, humorous or convince with a beautiful and well-made creative. However in China it's all about aggressiveness: the more colors in one ad, the better, the more blinking lights the better. Moins

About myself, Current profile, the work I've done, to name a few questions.

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I answered in detail with personal anecdotes and examples of work done.

Doctor Multimedia

"Will you vacuum my floor whenever I want?"

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Doctor Multimedia

"Are you willing to do any other position in the company?"

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"Possibly, depending on what the position is." Them: "Wrong answer. You will do whatever I say or else leave." Moins

Juvenile Diabetes Cure Alliance

Would you ever use clickbait to attract more people to our site?

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No, because those users would not likely become high quality leads.

Venturi Group

Why do you want to work for Venturi?

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I see that Venturi has grown rapidly since it started. I want to grow within a company that is growing, I want to be a part of the development and I want to experience Venturi and all of it's brilliance and opportunities. Moins


What kind of tools do you use for social media management?

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Buffer, EveryPost, Hootsuite, TweetDeck, Agora Pulse, SproutSocial, Social Oomph, etc. Moins

What are your salary expectations?

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I said that I was flexible. I asked him what the range was and he said he didn't know. Moins


What's a brand you admire

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Old navy

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