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Walt Disney Company
On a demandé à un Sr Manager eCommerce...17 juillet 2022

Regular interview questions about eCom, what I thought about the website, what I would change, and any ideas I have about the future of ecommerce. Personality and Management style questions as well.

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The answers vary based on the person and their view of ecom and management. They did like that I mentioned that I take a personalized approach to management. Moins


Where would you recommend the property focus its [paid search] budget and efforts?

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I found this question unusual, only after-the-fact, because it turned out that the eCommerce Manager role had no influence, whatsoever, over paid search budgets or efforts for any of the hotels. There was a separate team for that. Therefore, why didn't they ask me a question that was more akin to what I'd be doing in my role? The question actually (mis)led me to believe I'd be responsible for online marketing strategy, hence my rockstar presentation deck. Moins

Night Owl Security Products

How would you grow our D2C commerce business?

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I am not familiar enough with the product category or the company to answer that in any meaningful way. You can Google the basics of how to drive traffic to your store. The hard part is executing that profitably. Moins


Relevant experience.

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I talked about similar things I'd done at similar companies throughout my career. And I talked about differences and challenges. Moins


STAR based interview like any other company do these days

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Yes build a story related to question and answer it

Add People

They were attitude based to see if you would be a cultural fit.

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Honestly and based on real experiences.


- How would you benefit Flydubai - Which of your experiences are relevant for this job - what type of per person are you


In a powerpoint presentation, please prepare your 90-day action plan as the new Senior eCommerce Manager to help CyberLink achieve revenue growth goals in 2020.

New York Times

They asked me about a project where the scope changed.


describe a time in your professional life where you had a conflict with your manager's boss?

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