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On a demandé à Senior Finance Manager...27 juin 2012

How would you price the cloud service of MSFT?

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What you want to do with your life?

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I wanna make great stuff that people really really love

Compass India Support Services

Why are you looking for a job?

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Chemonics International

What is double entry

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In accounting equation, one account surrenders the benefit (giving out) ,while another account retains (receives) the benefit. Moins

To every transaction in accountancy, there are two entry, the Debit or the Credit, depending on whether one is dealing with costs or revenues, the benefits could be the opposite of the other. Moins


Our operations kick off significant cash. How would you go about funding store expansion in countries in which Wal-Mart has a small foot print? Specifically, would you make a USD denominated loan to the subsidiary or have them get in country/in currency funding?

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You probably should have said "Bribe them!" You would have gotten the job...

The interviewer prefaced this that there was no right or wrong answer, but was more interested in my thought process. Moins

Smith Optics

How would you go about analyzing company performance against budget?

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Put the two P&L (budget and actual) side by side and highlight key discrepancies. For GM%, look at product mix and product GM%. Moins

Cabinet Office UK

Significant effect on a previous company

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Gave examples

CDK Global

Why do you want to join CDk?

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Good growth potential and stability

Johnson & Johnson

What would you say your strengths and weaknesses are?

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Comment : The answer has to be phrased in a positive manner, whereby strengths are unique (not general), while weaknesses should be traits which can seen as good if looked from a different aspect. Moins

The Coca-Cola Company

How would you prioritize projects given unlimited resources?

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My answer was suitable for "doer" type of personality, but what was expected is an "analyzer" kind of answer. I mean my answer was short - don't take upon more that you can do, but what they were looking for is the description of whole process how do I get there -creating a list of projects, assessment of suitability/ profitability /urgency, ranking from best to worse, allocation of resourses, etc. etc. I should've answer with another question - do you want results first and then the process or vice versa? This would help me to customize my answer to the interviewer. Moins

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