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Questions d'entretiens - Senior Consultant


Questions d'entretien de Senior consultant partagées par les candidats

Le top des questions d'entretien

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Are your skills comensurate and applicable to the role on offer, and why.

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I answered by being positive and citing examples of similar projects where the business need was satisfied, and by giving feedback on potential approaches that I might take again.

What was my responsibility for delivery on the last acquisition project that I was involved in. If my family was expecting to come to live in Belgium. Would I be able to travel with short notice and what was my clearance level.

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Expliquer les différents changements de jobs. Contenu des différents jobs.

Real-life example of an EC proposal. How would you write it? What methodology would you use to solve the tasks?

Only 20% was general tell me about yourself/why this company/why this position. The remaining 80% was subject-matter specific and was more of a conversation. They want to know how you think.

How confident I feel to change country as my base was in Greece at that time.

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