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Why do you want to work in consulting?

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Dynamic and fast paced environment, with possibility to have multiple experiences.

The time has come to share and learn

How confident I feel to change country as my base was in Greece at that time.

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Are your skills comensurate and applicable to the role on offer, and why.

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Business case in the form of a conversation. To imagine a fictive client and what the profitability issues might be in a given industry.

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Tell me a time when you : - took initiative - had to convince someone - worked in a team

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Actually there was no "real question" for AKKA side, they let customer asks questions.

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Hoe denkt u dat het werken in een grotere onderneming (nationaal), zou verschillen met werken voor een lokale kmo en hoe sta je daar tegenover? (Ik kwam van een kmo)

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why you? Why Deloitte? Strenghts? Weaknesses? biggest succes? biggest failure? What motivates you? who are you? why Deloitte would hire you? are you flexible? What you know about IT strategy? why you fit in the position? tell me about your CV step by Step. what salary do you have?you said you have other offers, what makes you prefer Deloitte? what salary you expect?

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What was my responsibility for delivery on the last acquisition project that I was involved in. If my family was expecting to come to live in Belgium. Would I be able to travel with short notice and what was my clearance level.

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