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Church & Dwight
On a demandé à un ECommerce Architect, Senior Business Analyst...1 février 2018

how to organize an e-commerce organization for new brands?

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I explained that I need to understand how they work and next I would propose something. Each business has a little bit different setup. Moins

STA Group

The mock scenario had some challenging questions.

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Key to answering questions is to not read to much into it.


I was asked about my current experience.

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I explained top 3 achievements in my career.


Discussion of quantum mechanics in relation to advanced networking.

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Discussed latest research into entanglement theory and the potential for networking. Moins


Comment voyiez vous un travail en équipe

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avec confiance réciproque et très facilement de par mon expérience professionnelle et mon ancienne expérience de sportif Moins


What was your favorite class during the MBA?

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Told my answer and why.


Tell me about your major accomplishments.

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I have done all sorts of assignments I consider significant but nothing that shattered the business world. The bottom line is that I am result-oriented, hard-working, high-energy individual who gets the job done right. My work is always on time and on-budget. If you hire me, you'll expect nothing less. Moins


I was asked to present a recent challenge that I faced in my current job

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I explained about the challenge on white board.


The difference between Waterfall and agile method of SW delivery.

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