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On a demandé à Sales Development Representative (SDR)...11 mars 2021

Why iCIMS? Biggest success? Biggest failure? What motivates you? Preferred management style?

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There companies the assist outside customer service.

ICIMS has a fine reputation and that say’s a lot about a company you work for.

There is always going to be something in a company that they could keep on improving in. Moins

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What are your 90 day plans for incentives, motivation and equal lead distribution within the automatic dialer?

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I submitted 7 pages of detailed instructions regarding the exact challenges for which Callsource sells solutions to their customers. Moins

This is the same task we assign to every sales management candidate to judge their ability to plan and to communicate. We liked this candidate, but hired an applicant we judged to be better qualified. Moins


nothing specific, but general questions to get a feel for your understanding of small business owners.

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Do you recall them disclosing that they do a full financial report as part of the background check? I went through a rough divorce and most companies never ask about my situation, they just go with another candidates at the very end. Moins


What I wanted to do in the future.

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Advance within the company

Go back to school.


"What was your most traumatic experience growing up."

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Yea, he asked that...

I'm sorry about your experience of our conversation. I don't have a script for the questions I ask candidates but I'm quite certain I didn't ask about traumatic events in your life (for no other reason than the question doesn't lead to any meaningful insight). I do ask a lot of personal questions though. By the time I see candidates, they have been tested for proficiency and I focus the conversation on getting to know them. There's no right or wrong answer to any question I ask. In many ways, I'm much more interested in the reasoning, self awareness and thoughtfulness of candidates in our conversation than I am in any answer they could provide. My goal is to assess culture fit to make sure Traackr is a place where they could strive. When there isn't a match, it is not a reflection on someone's abilities or personality in the absolute but simply that they would probably struggle at Traackr. Best of luck on your search. Moins


Where do you see yourself in five years?

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Working here, working with big accounts

I will see myself on a good position


What Drives You

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Want to be Great at all i do


Tell me who you are (essentially "sell yourself).

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I gave a very honest background narrative about me and stuck to the details that I thought were parallel to sales. Moins

On a demandé à SDR...19 septembre 2015

Why this position? Why ToutApp? How does your background lend itself to this role?

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Great opportunity with great company


How would you sell our product?

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I went with a generic sales approach, explaining the value vs the cost

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