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On a demandé à un Retail Sales Manager...31 mars 2017

why do I want to leave my current job?

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Quest for a more stimulating work environment. Exposure to more challenge that will enhance further learning. Better pay package that at least satisfy the increasing personal needs Moins

Economists elaborating increase in demand and decrease in supplies on daily basis, and with this the standard of living is affected, then the principle of alternative forgone is highly needed. Moins

I'm leaving for the best I love to work , and I am good in on the field , joyfully dispensing my assignments. Moins


How do you hold others accountable?

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Basically, I look for four things: I make sure that my expectations are clear, I ensure that the person I'm assigning a task to is capable of the task, I go over how the person will be evaluated on the task, and how their performance of the task will effect their job. Moins

Baer's Furniture

What was my skill level in design projects.

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Proficient and I used relationship selling techniques.

The UPS Store

Are you available to work Saturdays?

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Yes I am.


Role play

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By trying to convince them to buy my product

Are you technically skilled to handle customer complaints on phones?

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Explained my technical background.


What experience do you have?

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A lot

What are you looking for from Patriot?

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A home to build a sales channel.

Kellogg Company

Why kelloggs

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They're great!!!!

Micro Center

Tell me about a time that you had to give up on something.

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The previous company I worked for was great until it was bought out and then became a hostile and demanding company (paraphrased) Moins

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