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Lumina Datamatics
On a demandé à un E-commerce Executive...3 août 2020

About product attributes, category, eg of some product adding

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It varies according to the product

Hi, please share some more questions.

The more questions will be based on your past experiences and stuff and also some logical reasoning questions. Moins

Merola Tile

Some of the word problems were time consuming if you haven't done math in a long time.

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I would like to explain our reasoning for the assessment questionnaire. Benefit #1- Any interview takes at least 15 - 60 minutes of a managers time. We do not wish to interview people for the sake of interviewing The fact that someone takes the time to complete the questionnaire shows their seriousness about their job seeking thus we are willing in return to invest our time to interview that person. Benefit #2- Most people have an average score on this test.. However is someone scores exceptional high or exceptionally low, it gives us some insight on the current capabilitites of that applicant. Moins

Interviews are not scheduled until the test results are reviewed. First, the aptitude test, then the interview. Moins

What you are saying makes no sense. First you schedule an interview, and then you are asking people to complete your test. Which means your manager will lose his/her time anyway. Moins

Von Maur

Why do you want to work for Von Maur?

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Long-established family owned business with an emphasis on quality and customer service. Moins

I'm looking for a job doing something to help a person out or make a difference in their life not just try to sell them something they don't need. Moins


It was so long ago, I don't remember. Their 3rd party didn't get back to me for over a month.

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Lol. No thanks.

Report them for online employment fraud. You can report to FTC, IC3, FBI, etc.

Norma Kamali

"Whose this?"

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"The person scheduled to call you at this time"

It's me.


Describe a time when you went above and beyond for a customer or client.

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I used the leadership principles to frame my answer

Bonjour, pourrais-tu me donner quelques infos sur le group exercise et le case please ? Je passe mon assessment ce vendredi Moins

webe digital

Do you have experience going through a system and what did you do?

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the focus of each section within the new system, Becoming familiar with the necessary workflows, functions and required input from the user, whether it's product data, images, user interaction or storing information etc... Stored information could be necessary at a later point or within another grouping of the system's functionality. When youn initially begin "going through a system" if the UX is good you will begin to formulate relationships between data points and a order or hierarchy will begin to emerge. Having had the ability to sit and watch many people explore User interfaces and watching their interactions with new and unfamiliar areas of a system can help a software engineer fine tune a software product which in turn helps the end user to find their way through the system, accomplishing the goal or completing the task for which the system was built to do. Moins

I have worked in many different systems and going through each system to learn how the workflow and User Interface help you to move from point A to point B naturally using the natural movement and focus of the eye. Going through a new system is crucial to learning and becoming proficient within the new environment. Breaking the system functionality into smaller more manageable groups of related functionality and information. Once I have identified the Moins

They asked me my rank in my High School class. Also did I feel that I was going to achieve my goals and dreams.

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I said that I ranked Number two in class of 1560 students and yes I believed that I was going to achieve my goals Moins


Mostly about my experience and about my goal

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i know what i was looking for so it was easy

Minnie Rose

Do you have a resume?

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