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On a demandé à un Finance & Reporting Manager...16 juin 2022

What is the turnover for worldremit? And have you worked with a company this size before?

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Lucky enough I had checked online and studied financial beforehand (highly reccomend) so was able to respond fairly. Moins

Mr. Ahmed choses how he wants to pay his employees and how long he wants them to stay. Each individually owned company will be run as the owner wants and choses to run that business. I will want to know how the company I work for functions, and that will take some in-depth studying. How Mr. Ahmed runs his company does not necessarily influence how any other company functions in any particulars. I would not run my company as Mr. Ahmed runs his. To each his own. Moins

Master Textile Mills

No technicalities just working with confused boss

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Yes ofcourse Leader must be guide to perfect and confident way

Bank of China

After they give me to introduce your self . The detail meaning I 'm not convince to work on weekend. They don't talk any question .

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Not comment and say Thank you. Because I know myself don't want work on the weekend Moins

National Agents Alliance

The most difficult question had to be where I saw myself from within the company. Initially it's hard to say because of the atmosphere in place already. You have to be here to feel things out before you can truly know if you fit in.

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I am an outgoing person with I believe good customer service skills which help extremely in this type of atmosphere. An emphasis is placed on the overall concept of the entire company. Moins


Why do you want to join Lyft?

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A new exciting opportunity to work at a fast growing startup where I can use my data skill set to be at the forefront of an exciting/rapidly changing industry. Moins


Tell me about a situation in which you needed to develop and launch a new business process

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I gave an example of a new reporting system I had led at my prior company. I talked about the communication aspects and engaging key stakeholders. I discussed the requirements process and ensuring scope was agreed-upon at the outset. I provided examples of risks and issues and hiccups along the way and how I managed the team to deliver the product. Moins


tell me about HSBC.He expects you to answer so much about HSBC as if there is no New Hire Oriention for the newly joined Employees

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I am clueless if there is effective interview system at HSBC. Please value the candidates time and also groom your employees who are taking interviews to be polite, professional and mindful. Moins


Why leaving the current role

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Said not specifically looking around and looking to see the company / team


Describe how you would handle a new project that will command a lot of attention

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If I was a new employee and were tasked with a large project, I would look within the company (i.e. - both inside of the accounting department and relevant contacts that work inside of other departments) so that resources are deployed in a timely manner. I would search for colleagues who could provide simple suggestions which may avoid unnecessary time spent on the project in the future. Moins

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