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Surgical Information Systems
On a demandé à un Interface Specialist/Report Developer...6 juillet 2015

Remember this (you'll know when you need it)...

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Golden Gate Bridge

you couldn't have said it better! I worked there for a year, and everything you said is on point!! Now, I'm back to work for a REAL company with a clear vision and I'll never look back. In addition to your comments, I'll add that the product is far from workable, has very obvious glitches (which they ask you to try to cover up to clients), and they make YOU the face of their horrible product (it's OLD windows code, not even web based)! You should be GLAD you didn't get an offer. They probably hired an intern instead. Moins

Pyramid Technology Solutions

You think you may be overqualified for the position?

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If you think I'm overqualified, don't waste both our time by calling me for an interview. Moins

it shows that company like you, try to answer in a positive way: “I know it’s important to follow direction at times and just run with it at times. I have developed the judgment through my experience to know which action is appropriate at which times.” Moins

Heights Finance

What is the difference between DELETE and TRUNCATE?

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Truncate is faster and there is no logging.

The Johns Hopkins University

What was the most difficult project you had?

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Writing reports on an Oracle database that had generic naming conventions like Column1, Column2, Column3. There were no column or relationships definitions. Moins


Question from my project and core subjects.

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I answered briefly about my project and about the technical field

J.P. Morgan

What points do you keep in my while optimising a Crystal Report, and how do you check time taken by generation of report.

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You can optimise the crystal report in different ways:- 1. Do not add multiple sub reports with complex data. 2. If you are using complex SQL queries in your crystal report, check how much time that query consume while running in database. If it takes long then your report will also take time to refresh. 3. Generally, we can check timing by running individual queries that are used in report to determine how much time the report will take to run Moins

UnitedHealth Group

A list of the pertinent technical questions were given and graded immediately.

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I was asked to count the occurrences of words in a file, and return the list of word - count pair in an order (1. descending by count, 2. ascending by word)

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I used Java programming language and stored all words with their occurrences in HashMap. Then I used a custom comparator to sort it in required order and used that comparator in Collections.sort method passing List and comparator instance as arguments. Moins


They gave me the scenario the IT Systems was facing and asked me what i thought were the possible reasons of the systems failings, and what i can possibly do to fix their problems and save them from facing heavy penalties

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I gave them all the possibilities of what can possibly be wrong, although i could make out that the interviewer who was a senior management was not an expert on the technical topic, he must have been given possible answers to look for, and i saw his face lit up Moins

Heights Finance

What do you do to optimize sql queries?

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Review nodes in execution plans on high cost. Review IO and Time statistics to get an idea of how many times a table is getting hit. Moins

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