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GainInsights Solutions
On a demandé à un QlikView Developer...4 septembre 2020

SQL questions. BI basic questions. DW basic questions.

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Prepare everything before going for an interview.

Cognizant Technology Solutions

Difference between Join and Keep. Performance Tuning etc.,

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I have answered the question as per my work experience.

iClarity IT Services

They asked basic question based on Qlikview very easy.

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They were not really intrested in answers this interview was for fun.


Types of Schema in QlikView data model. Which is preferred?

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Star and Snowflake. Based on requirement the schema is selected. But if you have choice Star is preferred considering it's performance efficiency as fact is directly connected to dimension tables. Moins


Types if load in QlikView script?

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Load, Partial load (Add / Replace), Incremental load, Generic load, Binary load, Residential load Moins

Icon Resources

Tell me about yourself

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Reason for job change


What are Possible and Exclude function in QlikView.

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To determine the relative records w.r.t to a particular field these funcitons are used . Denoted by P(Expression) and E(Expression). Moins

JPMorgan Chase & Co

The interview questions were primarily focused on my area of expertise and comfort with the development tools I would be using in my role. There were not a standard set of STAR questions asked, but instead it was a practical interview focused on finding the right candidate for the team. The interviewers were not interested in throwing me curveballs, the interview process was honest and straightforward.

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Honestly and as accurately as possible while providing examples

Team Computers

Sql Queries and types of loads

Kirkland & Ellis

Standard technical questions about Qlik technologies and other data modeling/database related questions.

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