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Questions d'entretiens - Project Manager


Questions d'entretien de Project manager partagées par les candidats

Le top des questions d'entretien

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You told me you are "...", can you give me and example of it? What is your most rewarding accomplishment?

1 réponse

I'm still a engineering student

Draw me a map of Africa, name each country and explain for each country what the current political difficulties are internally as well as with their neighboring countries.

1 réponse

normal interview question + small case to show about the function you are applying

What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your recent experience and how did you deal with it without relying on relationships or convincing skills?

What specifically attracted you to Savaco as a company and why would you want to work here?

1 réponse

He would propose different situations I would have to deal with during the actual job and ask how I would handle these situations.

Please explain about your previous experiences, what you learned from them.

Check your CV correctness and general motivations. Situational type of interview

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