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Why did you choose to work in this field and to do this kind of job?

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I like the sound of this job i like challenges

Fancied the challenge

Draw me a map of Africa, name each country and explain for each country what the current political difficulties are internally as well as with their neighboring countries.

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Wat maakt jou specifiek zo geschikt voor deze functie?

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How would you contribute to Toyota goals?

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What makes you happy?

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Check your CV correctness and general motivations. Situational type of interview

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Test raisonnement abstrait: 20 questions in 20 minutes Test raisonnement verbal: 20 questions in 15 minutes Test raisonnement situationnel: 20 questions in 30 minutes (you will be given a scenario and you will be asked to rank, from the best to the worst, some situations proposed to answer the scenario).

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What can be my contribution in terms of engineering and project management ?

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Of ik 5 minutjes had zonder te excuseren dat ze te laat was.

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what is the ambition to bring you here

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