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Questions d'entretiens - Project Manager


Questions d'entretien de Project manager partagées par les candidats

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You told me you are "...", can you give me and example of it? What is your most rewarding accomplishment?

1 réponse

I'm still a engineering student

Draw me a map of Africa, name each country and explain for each country what the current political difficulties are internally as well as with their neighboring countries.

1 réponse

What specifically attracted you to Savaco as a company and why would you want to work here?

1 réponse

normal, nothing special, more about CV - the assement day was with externe, 2 cases & presentation - open new company advice on location.... Pay attention to details. I did not.

Check your CV correctness and general motivations. Situational type of interview

1 réponse

Wat is het moeilijkste dat je ooit heb moeten doen en hoe heb je het aangepakt?

Practical simulations on top all theoretical questions

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