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On a demandé à un Intern/Programmer...25 septembre 2013

Would I be able to program in 3 different languages

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I said yes.

Yes, it's called hybrid programming. It's when a programming language draws on elements from more than one programming paradigm. A lot of companies who program at the low level use hybrid programming to their advantage, especially equipping x86 assembly language with C/C++. Moins

GD Express

Tell me about yourself, strength and weakness.

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Explain my name and current student status and continued with strength and weakness Moins


Why do you apply an internship at our company

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Do you love programming? Do you participate any programming project outside the university curriculum? Moins

St. Louis County, MN

How do you handle data integrity and data confidentiality?

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There is a class at school related to this but I did not take it so I just explained how I wouldn't share information or find information to share with public. Moins

Massey Knakal

Suppose there are three spots where you can put wood blocks from left to right. At first, three blocks are piled on the left spot, the smallest on the top and biggest on the bottom. You are permitted to move one block at one time. How many times do you need to pile them in the same way on the right spot?

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Black Shamrock

Optimize an existing game project, on various aspects. This included, frame-rate, smoothness of the movements and code quality.

J.D. Irving

The questions were mostly behavioral questions


questions were mainly on situations and little from resume.


Some OpenGL optimization questions in the online test.

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