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On a demandé à un Graphic Designer/Production Artist...29 septembre 2017

Can you work overtime? Can you pass a drug test? Can you start tomorrow?

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Where you ever involved in crime, like do you have any criminal record?

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With great bravery and confidence and said, "no I currently own no bad or negative record howsoever. Moins

No I have no criminal record.

*Were There, I fixed it.


Can you stand on your feet for atleast 8 hours

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343 Industries

Are you willing to work long hours?

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I would be willing to work overtime, but only with fair compensation; I may love the work I do, but I'm but I also want to payed for the hard work I'm doing. Moins


Would you be interested in learning to use software that differs from that which your school emphasizes?

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They three you a softball 🥎

Absolutely! Software is less important than the work your creating and the people/teams you're part of! Moins


What design field are you trying to get into?

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I love Package and UI/UX Design. I have a background in a wide range of design fields, so I am capable of working in almost any. But I would really like to be involved with experience design in some way. Moins

Stormtech Performance Apparel


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paper culture

How do you deal with a coworker that isn’t pulling their weight on the team?

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Approach them and ask them if something is concerning them and if there is anyway to help, cause we all need to work together to succeed. Moins

SGS & Co

Can you work on weekends?

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Yes, as long as it’s 1-2 weekends per month. I work remotely. Also, providing there is a reasonable time set to complete the work and there is also financial compensation as well. Moins

Olberding Brand Family

Why did you apply for this position?

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While working as a freelancer provides many perks, I am looking to continue working with talented designers and team members in order to create impressive collateral. I enjoy seeing my teammates on a daily basis and having face-to-face contact in order to meet clients' needs. Moins

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