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On a demandé à un Product Owner...30 novembre 2023

What are your 3 successes and 3 failures? How do you imagine a Product Owner job? What makes you happy at work?


Vos prétentions salariales et vos motivations ?

Estudios, experiencia previa, por qué me interesaba el puesto y la empresa

JPMorgan Chase & Co

Where did you fail? Explain your experience in stakeholder management


Q: Why are you changing jobs? Q: Why Fourthline? Q: Guide us through one of your products you created from ideation to launch phase.


Describe a time your leadership has created success for someone you were in charge of.


Tell me about your work background?


Career Overview and why apply to ESO for the position

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Very simple overview.


What do you think you can bring to this role?


It was much more like a conversation, starting from classic introduce yourself

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