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On a demandé à un Product Quality Analyst...15 avril 2013

Do you have any questions?

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read the topics mentioned in the mail you have received from Google reg interview. Be ready for any google's product analysis. Present your views proactively. It will be so friendly interview that you wouldn't feel that you are actually going through it. They check thought processing speed and different thinking. Relax and give your best. Moins

Hello, I received a mail stating that " Someone at Google thinks you'd be a great fit here. We're looking at your skills and experience to see whether we have the right opportunity for you. In the meantime, to learn more about who we are and what we do, here are a couple of resources to give you a better sense of life as a Googler. Check out our Official Blog to stay up-to-date on our products and company news Peek into the day-to-day lives of Googlers on our Life@Google YouTube channel Browse our @Google Talks YouTube channel, full of visits from artists, authors and politicians Read up on how to best prepare for an interview at Google " Moins

Hi Query (one who got final offer), what is your work ex and did someone from senior management of google india speak to you in final round? if yes what did he ask and how you answered as I'm going to have one soon in final round. Moins

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American Express

Describe your definition of Product Owner

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Didn't go to business school but just went with what it sounds like.

Very confident as a Creator, disigner, but above all known it contents from start to finish Moins

Confident creator disigner all-knowing of its contents from start to finish with ability to explain, give access to what's needed Moins

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Most of the questions were regarding my work experience so far. And a few logic questions like what is the angle between the hours hand and minutes hand when the time is 3:15; How do I identify which switch corresponds to which light bulb when the switches are in one room and the bulbs are in another and given that I can enter the room with bulbs only once.

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Angle is 7. 5 degrees

why the angle is 7.5

Because hours hand will only stay at 3 when minutes hand points to 12. So when minutes hand points to 15, and there are 60 minutes per round, the angle from 3 - 4 is (1/12)*360 = 30, then the angle between hours hand and minutes hand is is (15/60)*30 = 7.5 Moins

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there is 30 m deep well and snail takes 1hour to move 3m and at the same time it glides downwards 2m how much time it will take to come out of well?

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28 hrs 40 mins

28 hours

28 days

J.P. Morgan

Tell me why do you want to work for J P Morgan?

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I'm sincerely interested to get opportunity to this company. Hope if I am hired.

I'm Post graduate looking forward for the role which suits me


Two points are randomly placed on a line of length 1. What is the probability that the three segments created form a triangle?

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I think it might be 1/4. Lets think it in this way. We have three random numbers: a, b and c. P(a + b < c) = 1 / 2. P(a + c < b) = 1 / 2. As they are independent, the probability is 1 / 4 to meet both requirements. Moins

1/4 is correct. This is also the probability when the second ordered statistics in u(0,1) is larger than 1/2 Moins

I think that the answer is 1/2. The first point could be placed anywhere on the line segment and there's still the same probability of a triangle being formed. The second point is the only one that matters. No matter where the first point p1 is placed, half of the possible places that you could put p2 will not result in a triangle, because it would violate the rule that the sum of the lengths of any 2 sides must exceed the length of the third. It's easier to understand if you draw it out. P( a + b > c | a) = 1/2 Moins


Write SQL codes and analyze dataset on the spot.

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I honestly dont think English as a second language has a negative impact on a technical interview. Keep practising and you will crack your technical interview some day. Moins

The answer to this question is not actually an answer... I just a "suggestion" that doesn't help at all. Moins

I think he already explained why it had an impact...

there are some eggs in tuw basket,if egg doubles every minute and it takes 1hour to fill the basket how much yime it will take to fill half the basket?

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How come

At 59 minutes. The eggs double every minute, so half full would be a minute before it was full. Moins

59 mins

Stockamp & Associates

Problem Solving #2 - You have 3 light switches and 1 light bulb controlled by only 1 switch in a room you can't see into. You can flip any or as many switches as you want and can check the room once. The next time you go into the room, you have to know for sure which switch controls the light bulb.

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Answer #2 - Flip on two switches and check the light. If it is off, you have your answer. If it is on, it is one of the two. Go back to the switches and turn all off. Turn on of the switches on that was on before for about 5 minutes, turn it off, then turn on the other one. When you go into the room, if the bulb is warm but off, it is the first switch. If it is on, it is the second switch. (I didn't get this one right) Moins

Start with all the switches in the off position. Turn on two of the three switches. when you enter the room the first time, if the light is off, then you know it is the switch you didn't turn on. Else, turn on that switch and turn off one of the switches you previously had on. Now, if the light is off when you enter the room, you know it is the switch you just turned off. If the light is on, you know it is the switch that you had turned on when you looked at the room the first time. Moins


Imagine you have 2 eggs and 100 floors. Determine the minimum number of attempts required to test? (Assume that both the eggs crack at the same height/floor)

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hey did you go through final interview??if yes,can you provide some details

hey did you go through final interview??if yes,can you provide some details

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