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Entretiens chez Invest Europe /  Siège social: Brussels

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Entretiens chez Solace Private Equity

Siège social: Coral Springs

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Entretiens chez Charter Oak Partners /  Siège social: Westport, CT

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years? How are you going to achieve this? Why investment banking?

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Don't be to ambitious, don't be to technical. They are HR, and I think they don't know a lot about investment banking, venture capital, private equity etc. I could clearly see she didn't knew what I was talking about when she asked questions about it..

How did I go about doing market research and setting up a certain database relevant for the position

Explaining my academic work on regulatory compliance of financial companies.

Overlopen cv + algemene vragen zoals: Wat is hetgeen waar je het meest fier op bent? Wat zijn je goede/slechte kanten? Waarom bij KBC?

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