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On a demandé à un PhD Research Scientist...3 décembre 2017

Which of the 10 MBM Koch values do you identify with most strongly, and why? Tell us about a time you went above and beyond on a particular assignment or job duty. Tell us about a time you disagreed with your supervisor, etc.

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All answers were framed in the SBO model: Situation, Behavior, Outcome. The outcomes can be quantitative or qualitative, such as an improved relationship with supervisor, coworker, etc. Moins


Here are four datasets. How do you find who is still friends?

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use inner_join in R


Why do you want to work at Etsy?

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Etsy is a B corporation, has a great vibe, and I use it all the time!


They asked me write a code with C++ that convert an integer number to its hexadecimial equivalent.

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They asked me to convert a set of string to integers.

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

Would you like to work in rainy Groningen for 4 years?

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4-year is not a long period of time because research needs hard work and attention. So, I believe that it will pass very quickly. Since I love the rain, it won't be any problem for me. Moins

Riot Games

Given a SQL table, compute average amounts by group, sort them in descending order.

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that's what you got and get a PhD for these days ???, so you can answer SELECT...GROUP BY...ORDER BY interview questions ? st0000000p!d Moins


General behavioral questions that test our real-world experience in working with teams and as an individual.

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I approached with the STAR methodology.


Case study: Suppose you're building a model to detect bombs at a border crossing. How do design its inputs and outputs, measure accuracy, etc?

Reaction Biology

How does my previous work relate to the current job opening?


How would you evaluate your binary classifier?

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