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1. What would you describe as a challenge when working in aligning customers to a sls territory in EU vs MEA? 2. How can you make sure that telesales are not working on big customers? 3. Why is your analysis (ranking) showing a strange result for x position?

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1. EU countries have zip codes, while MEA does not always. 2. Define a customer segmentation that can easily be implemented, and apply it to customers in a way that it is visible for telesales who should they focus on. 3.Explain a strange trend on the data you are presenting. Make sure you fully understand the data you have, and be prepared to play with a pivot to confirm your explanation.

What do you know about Toyota?

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How will you describe your new job to your children ?

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Pourquoi avez-vous fait vos études? Qu'avez-vous appris? Comment était le travail en agence? Pourquoi quitter le monde des agence vers l'annonceur?

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