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On a demandé à un Marketing Assistant...27 mai 2016

What separates you from other candidates?

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Creativity/ love of challenges

Why didn't you just leave when you were doing door to door sales with them.

because as I say, they drove me 30 minutes away from where I met them, didn't even tell me where we were plus I spent loads on getting the train to their office already and didn't want to have to spend more just to escape them Moins

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Big Red

Nothing of any significance. He had seen my resume online...brings me in and tells me, given my resume and experience (which I am more than aware of), he would rather put me in a marketing position. Something I've been very successful in for 30 years (I was just looking for a semi-retirement mindless job)...so then he wanted me to apply my many years of marketing knowledge. As I told him, "That's a whole different ball game than being a personal assistant." He sends me an offer letter with a title below any I have ever held, even out of college with a salary less than the personal assistant job...something I had not made since 1984. SURELY YOU JEST!! The pompous arrogance is unbelievable. I countered with two offers and he just never returned my call and that was the end of that. How immature these arrogant people are and trust me, the arrogance is completely unfounded. I would stay away. I should have taken heed of the previous Glassdoor comments. I did take note before going in as to how low his CEO rating was and, it is even lower in my opinion. The second I walked in, he spouts out some negative comment about the great GPS system I used to find his office (which he said people have a hard time finding.) I didn't. He then proceeds to bash two of his current employees. He has no business working with people or making job offers. He is obviously just plain greedy and clueless. Most people who exude such arrogance are just negative, insecure people on power trips and the describes the CEO of Big Red, in my opinion. DO NOT WORK HERE!!

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Wow, based on the frankly embarrassing replies on her from who I am assuming are employees the people who work there are as bad as the CEO. what a bunch of clowns. Moins

Well, you are obviously not in the loop...that was not at all the case. I was offered the job, had a start date and then received the offer letter. I countered and he came back with another offer. Based on that, I turned the job and the offer down. I countered again with another two more options and, your "top notch" CEO, just never replied. What kind of a professional person does that? (Rhetorical question.) Moins

Big Red is quite a small company, it's not all an immediate process, I apologize that you had troubles with the CEO, however because of the companies size they don't have money to through around and give you the perfect job you wanted. Jobs are decided on whats best for the company and makes financial sense. Moins

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Why should be hire you and not someone else ?

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Sir I am fitter structure and pipe and fabrication all work hard ina smart work

I am fitter structure and pipe and fabrication hard and fast 11 yers experience

I am fitter structure and pipe and fabrication work hard work drawing follow me

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if you have a basket containing 130 balls of which 67 are white and 63 are red. How many balls do I have to draw minimum in order to get at least 18 red balls?

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85 32 is wrong beacuse there are still a (63/130)^32 of odds that you take only withe balls Moins

85 If you are very unlucky and you only have white balls (67) then you must had 18 to be sure to have 18 red ones 67+18 Moins

I have heard that Amazon no longer uses questions like this in their interviews. That they are more applicable to the actual role now. Moins

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Soenex Advertising

If you were hired today could you start the next day?

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How many interview steps do they have

Did you get the offer in the end?

The interview was at noon on that particular day. I was told that if I would be considered for the position they would call me by 5pm with more details and if not than they said to take that as a refusal. Moins

Strata Retail and Technology Services

Reaction if the company terminated for no reason

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Not interested to display here

Pace Events

Describe yourself in one word.

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It honestly probably does not matter at all what your answer to any of the questions is: you will probably get the job no matter what. Moins



Would you be willing to volunteer your time next Friday night on an unpaid trial shift?

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(Sadly enough, because I was unemployed at the time) Yeah, sure, I'll be there this Friday to help you guys out and prove to you that I'm worth hiring. Moins

Magnetic Alliance has a challenging interview process to ensure the best candidates are hired which have resulted in Magnetic Alliance being awarded one of the top ten best workplaces in Australia. Candidates need to demonstrate qualities fit to our culture. Misrepresenting facts and posting negative reviews because a candidate didn’t get selected will not result in better job prospects and will only damage the reputation of the candidate. In this case, the company made the right choice to reject this applicant for the position. We do what is best for the client, the company and the candidate, focusing on a win-win-win outcome. We want to make sure it is the right fit from the start for all parties involved, whether it's our own internal staff or for our clients. We do however hope you find that perfect job for you!! Moins

I find this hard to believe. I have worked part-time at Magnetic Alliance for a year now; there are three Filipinos, two Chinese, two Indians, one Laotian, three 'anglo' Australians, and one part Aboriginal - I find it hard to believe the OP's accusation of racism and suspect that s/he didn't pass the interview process and had a case of sour grapes. Moins

Ashok Leyland

how much are you expecting?

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according to company rules

5 lakshs

Balmer Lawrie & Company

Your profile/Your experience/Why you had opted for this company and position/Whether you are flexible/What did you understand about the profile

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if they taken interview how much time required for results and further process. kindly tell me Moins

comfortable as it is more generic and experienced based

if they taken interview how much time required for results and further process. kindly tell me Moins

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