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Questions d'entretiens - Manager


Questions d'entretien de Manager partagées par les candidats

Le top des questions d'entretien

zou jou familie/kennisen en vrienden jou beschrijven als een natuurlijke leider, waarom?

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staven met voorbeelden

- What are your strengths and weaknesses - what are achievement you most proud of - Where do you see yourself in 5 years

pouvez-vous résumé votre CV ? citez vos 3 qualités et vos 3 défauts

Weinig concrete eerder vage uitleg over wat funcite uinhield en wat ik in het vrleden had gedaan ( stond in mijn Cv maar heb toegelicht wat inbij Lotus nuttig kon zijn )

Go over the resume. Then just be yourself as a Bus Dev - "how to sell our services to a global company, you're visiting their branch in one of the countries, they outsource their EHS regulatory compliance to different companies". "Why have you left your former employer?" "Flexible or fix working hours?" "Are you sure you can do this job taking into account your family situation?" - this question is totally illegal in Belgium but was asked none the less on multiple occassions through out the recruitment process.

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