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Questions d'entretiens - Manager


Questions d'entretien de Manager partagées par les candidats

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Hoe zie je de BI markt evolueren Welke zijn jou passies Wat zou je graag willen doen

What do you think we do at Optimy? Which characteristics should a good manager have? What would you do in these situations (some complex examples)? What is our software about? Why did you apply for this job? Try and define your positive and negative aspects as a worker.

If the Customer wanted a patch or some help resolving a problem would you help them even if it was not in your scope of work. Would you describe yourself a team player or an independent individual.

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Quelle sont les méthodologies de Change Management que vous utilisez ou connaissez?

Expliquez une situation difficile dans votre vécu professionel et comment vous l'avez gèrée

Ervaring Loon ?

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What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your recent experience and how did you deal with it without relying on relationships or convincing skills?

What specifically attracted you to Savaco as a company and why would you want to work here?

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The position for HR Director, the level above the position you are applying for, will become vacant in the coming year or so. Would you prefer to put yourself forward for that role?

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