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do you mind if your colleague next to you is smoking? Do uou have a problem with the product (tobacco)

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i dont mind, its a free world

How would you solve the employee retention problem (hyphotetical case).

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why Besix ?, what will be your first 3 months actions ? Do u think you will fit with our Culture ...?

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What can be my contribution in terms of engineering and project management ?

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What are my motivations to join the Lhoist team ?

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In 5 years, what is my expectation in terms of career ? What position I could imagine to have in the future ?

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How would you take care of the top management of a recently acquired company when they refuse to cooperate although it is clear that their current situation doesn't fit within AB Inbev's strategy ?

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If you have an employee who has reached his goal without a lot of effort and somebody who didn't reach his goals but worked really hard, how would you distribute the end-of-the-year bonus between these two employees in %?

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Pourquoi vous et pas les autres

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