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Mystery Ranch
On a demandé à Lead Research & Development Engineer...11 avril 2017

Do you have any sewing experience?

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No, I had no sewing experience when I started. They will train everyone, even if you have experience. Moins

HERE Technologies

Tell me about yourself.

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I described the major steps in my career that produced the necessary skills and experience for this position and resulted in my desire to fulfill its duties and more. Moins

Havells India

Architect a Consumer appliances based IOT system


In-depth questions on presentation Questions from length and breath of Big data , Distributed system and Machine Learning , NLP and deep Learning (depends on your profile)

HERE Technologies

How do you handle working with data of unknown origin or quality?


Questions about how I approached the problem and solved it. How were the test cases designed? What technologies did you use? What was your contribution? What do you expect from the current role? Are you interested in R&D? Are you open to working with new technologies?

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