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What the biggest problem you've had and how did you go about solving it?

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Give them some insight into your problem solving strategy/processes.

My two interviews were half behavioral and half silly questions.

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Asked general computer science topics (Describe a hash table, etc.) Didn't ask any behavioral questions, or anything about my résumé. Had two coding questions: 1) Given a Binary Search Tree, print out the median value. If there is an even number of nodes, print the average of the two middles. 2) Given a Genealogy Tree, print out the tree, row by row. For example: Dave / \ Michael Sarah / \ / \ Joe Alex Sam Tom Output would be: Dave Michael Sarah Joe Alex Sam Tom The questions weren't very hard, but I nearly ran out of time because I couldn't understand them. I spent a lot of time just trying to understand what they were asking for. They asked about the time and space complexities of everything I was doing. After I finished the second question, he gave me another problem with it. Asked if there would be a way where you get stuck in an infinite loop, and how to fix it. Also, they allowed me to choose which language I was more comfortable with. I used Java.

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Study the company 10k and know the products and balance sheet.

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Are you Catholic?

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Q. after you clear those rounds, you get a ticket to Vegas!! YES and oh boyyy... it is fun.. after playing games touring the office and an open BAR!! they take another coding round where there are easy questions if you did the HackerRank test on your own! and then next day two rounds of interview, one is technical and other HR. in technical expect basic questions with some white board coding and you really have to crack the behavioral to get into Zappos. It is a fun experience, network and talk to everyone out there, coz that is all they call you there for ....

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