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On a demandé à Alchemist (Junior Technical Analyst)...29 août 2014

Evaluate what the annual revenue of McDonald's is per year.

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This isn't directly relevant to the job. The interviewer is just trying to get a sense of your problem solving skills. There are many estimation questions like this online. Take a look and acquaint yourself with the problem solving process. Don't be afraid to ask clarifying questions during your interview and clearly explain where you're getting your numbers from/state assumptions. Moins


About Spring and Hibernate. Features, implementation, database management.

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Explained how I used Spring and its features in my projects

Geographic Solutions

Why am I leaving my current job

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Career growth


A java coding question: To create a function.

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Created the function and shared via screen sharing.


Walk me through your resume.

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Brief introduction and described the projects I worked on.

Fidelity Investments

Process flow

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Example of a process and how it will work like marking a tea

Phase One CG

How have your non-work experiences affected your skill set?

FDM Group

How do you adapt to new challenges


4. Describe your weakest side.


Tell me about yourself Rate yourself on tech stacks you know

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