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Questions d'entretiens à Indore

Entretiens d'embauche chez Tata Consultancy Services à Indore /  Siège social: Mumbai, IN

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Entretiens d'embauche chez CapitalVia à Indore /  Siège social: Indore

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Entretiens d'embauche chez Infosys à Indore /  Siège social: Bengaluru, IN

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Questions d'entretien pour à Indore

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4 _?_ 4 _?_ 4 = 20 Put the proper operators to get the output.

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(4*4)+4 = 20


Only 4's are six... and you can't add more 4... its like 4 ___4___4 = 20 Now play with the operators....

how to count the instances of a class?

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Why you want to join TCS

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Tell me about you.

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He ask lots of question but one that i have faced difficulties i share it. Q: find 2nd aged person in according to gender.

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What was your class rank?

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Understanding about Audit

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Experience in Restaurant

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What will you do if d room is get filled with smoke and there is no any exit thru the room..the door is of steel and there is no any window in the room,instead the room is filled with black smoke,how will you escape from there and save yourself?

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IQ: How will u solve something u don't know?

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