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Hackensack Meridian Health
On a demandé à un Environmental Health and Safety Specialist...30 décembre 2019

why do you want to work for this company?

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Do you have a job now ?

I want to work for this company I want a job that is secure. Worked for billing companies that come and go I want job security Moins

I presently do have a job


Give me an example of the health and safety law and how you have applied it

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I gave examples of previous cases I had worked on and which laws etc I had enforced Moins


The VP asked me " I know you have the education and experience, tell what something about yourself that is not capture in your resume"

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I went over over my personality and how it will fit with the job


What was one of the toughest challenges you've faced and how did you deal with it?

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They might ask a situation where you might have to choose between what would benefit the company easily vs your principle and integrity. Moins

Trademark Metals Recycling

What is Argon used for in the metal industry?

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Argon is used to create an inert gas shield during welding.

University of Iowa

Describe yourself in three words

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hardworking, passionate, detail-oriented


Do you understand OSHA Regulations?

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Told the interviewer I understood OSHA and I am studying towards my ASP/CSP certifications Moins

NYU Langone Health

What are your salary expectations?

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Is there a range? My salary requirements are negotiable.


Tell me about a time when you asked an employee who reported to you to violate a safety rule.

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I have never asked anyone to violate a safety rule. I've never asked anyone to violate any rule period. Moins

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