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On a demandé à un Hospital Pharmacist...14 septembre 2018

Where are u work before

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Om children hospital

Om children hospital

Kotak mahindra bank

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Apollo Pharmacy

asked about Basic medicines used for cold and easy anatomy

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D cold total

Lcz 5 mg and fanak plus

D cold total contains a combination of three medicines - Paracetamol, Caffeine, and Phenylephrine. It is used to relieve fever, cold, cough, allergies, nasal conges. Moins

Express Scripts

How fast can you work. Maintaining employment is based on speed.

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Impossible to answer

This is very true. I left because of it.

methods is quick work

CVS Health

Why do you want to work for CVS?

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i don't either, CVS is the pit of hell!!

Everyone that works for CvS wants to leave gah!

i dont


Why I want to leave my previous company?

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it is a difficult question for me because negative points which were true were there. Moins


If given a Chance by the company would you go for PG studies ?

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if chance is given it is better todo.....

Depends How u handle d situation .


What have been some of your contributions to other employers and how have you seen these contributions benefit the company?

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I will comment on this question to say, be prepared. Think of anything that has helped retain customers, gain customers, or helped business in other ways. How do you work to contribute to the company's success? Moins

By being dedicated in time and always busy and however way I can


What are the 3 impt aspects of patient care? Why Safeway? What do you see yourself doing in the future?

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Patience, knowledge and comfort

Once I’ve developed a better overview of the grocery industry, I’d like to move toward financial strategy or implementing more big picture ways to improve the bottom line Moins

Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, Kolkata

What is the largest organ in whole human body?

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Integumentory system

The skin of an average adult has a surface area of over 21 square feet and accounts for 6% to 10% of your body weight and second is liver Moins

Doctors Hospital of Laredo

When I can begin working

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In 14 days

I can begin working as soon as needed.

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