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Roosevelt University
On a demandé à un Graduate Intern...5 août 2021

How's your Classes and Grades going on?

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Upto date

BNY Mellon

What is the SImpson's 1/3rd rule and its application

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Not a standard question but I was asked this because of my math background


The final case study involves fictional energy scenarios. You're given information a few days in advance to review.

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I recommended coming up with potential case study scenarios and working through them instead of just reading through the material. Moins


I was asked to make sense of data across multiple graphs and tables

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I combined multiple information and came to the answer while making some well thought out assumptions. Moins


Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years

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Studying for a PhD.


Strengths and weaknesses, scenario where you overcame a difficult situation at work before.

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I said that I multitask, and sometimes its good sometimes its bad. But having an organized way to set my goals for each day made it easier to accomplish more even faster. Moins


What current trend is your favorite?

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I was caught off guard- be prepared

Intel Corporation

Q: How would you build a FIFO using BRAM?

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Described the control signals and general datapath.

Intel Corporation

they asked me whole explain whole data-path in MIPS

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You need to study Single cycle data-path for that

US Department of Treasury

I did not receive any interview questions. We just talked about my skills

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Not applicable

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