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On a demandé à un Engineering Manager...30 septembre 2022

- How do you cooperate with the product manager? - How do you prioritise the tasks to be done?


Technical Interview 1. Polymorphism & it's types along with it's code 2. Other OOP concepts 3. DSA question - LInked List (Easy) 4. Puzzle - Coin flip Few questions from Resume

Bloomberg L.P.

First: Palindrome Second: you had to build a stock market simulator.


NLP, Data Structures and Algorithms, Behavioral


Standard interview questions to say the least

EPAM Systems

core java, problem solving, oops,


Q: Leadership & Management questions based on experience and certain scenarios Q: Programming via Codility Q: Unity experience and technical ability and experience on certain system and subsystems


how will you detect a loop in json object in Javascript. A jsfiddle link was opened and I had to code the solution


Describe a time when you disagreed with a team member.


Standard background and experience discussion.

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