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On a demandé à un ECommerce Product Manager...11 novembre 2016

Tell us about a professional obstacle you had. How did you overcome it?

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How did you answer this question? (Optional)


Why do you want to work for Pantone

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The brand and where I think it can grow into

BGC Group

How can you best provide value to this team?

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Went into my past work experience and how it was applicable to the role


Have you seen our website? What did you think?

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How did you answer this question? (Optional)

Naf Naf

Quelles sont les missions du poste que j’ai déjà faite Ce que je suis prête à apprendre Motif de départ de mon dernier poste

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J’ai expliqué comment j’avais eu une RC en accord avec mon dernier employeur

Bank of America

There are some really smart people who work on this team..?

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Great! I prefer to work with smart people.


What superpower would you want to have?

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Hi, can you write some more information about first interview? Kind of questions? thanks Moins


How did you find out about Pattern?

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This is a great opportunity to show why your path has led you here and how passionate you are about the product. Moins


Past experience.

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Hi my name is eduardo jack yatim,20years age,origen turkish.Living in venezuela.I want help to find a job in are sales,marketing,comerce,modelling Whatsapp +584168807039 Facebook eduardo jack yatim Very thanks,i want job contry example are usa,panama,colombia or mexico Moins

Bed Bath & Beyond

What tool do you use to train end users?

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Powerpoint. This company doesn't believe in that tool, but I like it.

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