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On a demandé à un Field Manager/E-Commerce Site...28 juillet 2013

They asked me my rank in my High School class. Also did I feel that I was going to achieve my goals and dreams.

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I said that I ranked Number two in class of 1560 students and yes I believed that I was going to achieve my goals Moins

Minnie Rose

Do you have a resume?

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Dolce & Gabbana

Perché il passaggio dalla mia ex azienda a Dolce & Gabbana.

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Ho sempre voluto lavorare per una delle migliori aziende del lusso.

Design Imports

What is one experience you’ve had where you had a measurable impact on a company you’ve worked for?

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Changing pricing for thousands of listings on eBay to reduce unprofitable listings Moins

Cartão Elo

Foram feitas perguntas básicos. Na verdade eu esperava perguntas mais profundas pelo tipo da vaga, mas não ouve. A pergunta final foi muito curiosa: "tem alguma coisa que eu deixei de te perguntar?".

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Eu fiquei tão pasmo com a pergunta e a condução da entrevista que respondi: "não, acho que não." Moins

Add People

what would be the biggest challenge for you when joining add people?

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The 9-5 routine; coming from uni and because of covid the work/life balance may be hard to get used to. Moins

Nathan James

They asked a lot of general interview questions about previous experience, why I was looking for a new role, what are some of my strengths, etc. They also asked me a few questions on working remote (since the position is remote) and how I feel about working remotely.

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I have been working remotely for 6+ months due to COVID and feel comfortable working remote, and have been looking for a remote position specifically. Moins


Once my session was scheduled, I was interviewed by current product manager from the company. I was asked the question “ What would be a service that you would suggest that Google creates for the world five years from now?“ I was a bit surprised by this question, because materials that I was given didn’t prepare me for it. The person who was interviewing me seem to be in a large room, so I heard lots of noise, like static.

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Whenever I said something, they couldn’t hear me. Whenever they said something, I had to get them to repeat it over and over again. The other part was, it was a language barrier. English was not my interviewer’s first language. Some of the words that I shared in my interview, the interviewer asked for clarification, as if there could be another interpretation of the word. For instance, I spoke of delivering an item to a customer’s driveway. The interviewer asked me what was a driveway? It started to become very awkward at some point, so I didn’t have a good feeling about outcomes. Moins


It was so long ago, I don't remember. Their 3rd party didn't get back to me for over a month.

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Lol. No thanks.

Bond No 9

Are you trustworthy? How much debt are you in?

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Didn't all illegal questions to ask on a job interview

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