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On a demandé à un Field Manager/E-Commerce Site...28 juillet 2013

They asked me my rank in my High School class. Also did I feel that I was going to achieve my goals and dreams.

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I said that I ranked Number two in class of 1560 students and yes I believed that I was going to achieve my goals Moins

Minnie Rose

Do you have a resume?

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Dolce & Gabbana

Perché il passaggio dalla mia ex azienda a Dolce & Gabbana.

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Ho sempre voluto lavorare per una delle migliori aziende del lusso.

Design Imports

What is one experience you’ve had where you had a measurable impact on a company you’ve worked for?

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Changing pricing for thousands of listings on eBay to reduce unprofitable listings Moins

Nathan James

They asked a lot of general interview questions about previous experience, why I was looking for a new role, what are some of my strengths, etc. They also asked me a few questions on working remote (since the position is remote) and how I feel about working remotely.

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I have been working remotely for 6+ months due to COVID and feel comfortable working remote, and have been looking for a remote position specifically. Moins

Add People

what would be the biggest challenge for you when joining add people?

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The 9-5 routine; coming from uni and because of covid the work/life balance may be hard to get used to. Moins

Cartão Elo

Foram feitas perguntas básicos. Na verdade eu esperava perguntas mais profundas pelo tipo da vaga, mas não ouve. A pergunta final foi muito curiosa: "tem alguma coisa que eu deixei de te perguntar?".

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Eu fiquei tão pasmo com a pergunta e a condução da entrevista que respondi: "não, acho que não." Moins


It was so long ago, I don't remember. Their 3rd party didn't get back to me for over a month.

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Lol. No thanks.

Melissa & Doug

Unexpected: What is your current salary?

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I didn't think it was appropriate for this to be asked in the early stages of interviewing. Moins

Bond No 9

"Are you in debt, or have you ever been indebted".

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By law I don't think you can ask me this on an employment application?

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