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Questions d'entretiens - Designer


Questions d'entretien de Designer partagées par les candidats

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What is your contribution on your last project

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I explained what I did for the project

General questions about my past work experience, methodology, design, leadership... . Technical question was a comment on one of their schematics and a simple electronics exercise. HR interview was the toughest part. The HR asked a lot of personal and self-evaluating questions. I think the purpose was to fairly estimate my personal qualities rather than deliberately put me in jeopardy.

You have a current mirror. How do you solve problems with offset?

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You have to design an LDO with an output voltage of 2V and a supply of 3.6. What is the problem and how do you solve it?

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degelijke background check, waar ik mijn mening over verschillende research methodes uit de doeken mocht doen.

1. Relevante ervaring, carrière beeld, kennis en expertise. 2. Case, thuis voor te bereiden + vragen over persoonlijkheid (initiatief nemen + zelfzekerheid) 3. Workshop uitwerken, business case voorbereiden, etnografische studie,...

You have a device A connected through 8 channels that can transmit binary signals (1 bit per channel) at a rate of 200 MHz to a device B which you have to design, and which then has to transmit through a single channel of 1 Gb/s to a device C. What can you say about this network. What do you have to look out for?

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