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The inhabitants of an island you live on will build a bridge following the ideas of their leader. You are sure the bridge is unsafe. How will you convince the inhabitants of the faulty design

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i will try convincing the leader first because i think that will save time and energy. doing so will help me put my case in front of other the colleagues as the matter will become familiar to all and will take a positive turn for sure.

i convince the inhabitants of the island by stressing that i'm also the person belong to this island , so for our safety say no to it

If the leader has already decided to go ahead with building the bridge it is obvious that he'll ignore all safety as he is one track minded, ego tripping. My approach would be to target the sympathy and emotion of the islanders, making them aware of the health hazard risk for them their children and the island that an unsafe bridge could entail, Better safe than sorry and ask them to manifest against this move only allowing the bridge to be built once all the safety measures have been adhered to!

Explication du parcours, des différents projets sur lesquelles ont a pu travailler. Les différents outils et techniques utilisés, etc.

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What are you going to miss the most from your previous job?

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Are your skills comensurate and applicable to the role on offer, and why.

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What would your enemy say about you?

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I was asked a brain teaser at the end of the interview: you have a cube of 10*10*10 little cubes. How many cubes are left after you remove all the cubes on the edge.

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That it was not a problem to travel so far from home to the Brussels Airport (where Travelex is locatede)

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they are expecting concrete anwers, facts, exemples in order to evaluate if you are sales oriented and strong enough to work under pressure.

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Why would you like to enter EY?

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Se présenter à l'entretien préparé :

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