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General Mills
On a demandé à un Senior IT Analyst - Maximo...15 février 2018

There was a question about Java configuration: whether I have ever done it?

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Mostly i had access to configuration teams or actual configuration work was contracted out. Moins

Bristol Myers Squibb

Do you have experience reading piping and instrumentation diagrams?

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Explained that I have used and read diagrams before

IDS International

Education and Experience with duration on companies,

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i explain my entire experience since 2004 in IT field.

Envision Enterprise Solutions

OOPS concepts

Envision Enterprise Solutions

Difference between two calendar dates using java

Envision Enterprise Solutions

Sql queries, nested queries


Very speicific questions about the application


Interview Question wise very good


What would be your strategic goal after joining the company


Maximo Basic questions in all modules

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