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Kaiser Permanente
On a demandé à un Clinical Pharmacy Specialist...5 août 2015

Give an example of a difficult situation that occurred in the work place and describe how you managed and resolved the situation.

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I was tasked with integration of pharmacy services within a primary care clinic. As part of that responsibility I presented physician specific utilization data. I was presenting this information to a specialty provider who was an outlier in prescribing habits. He was closed to what I was presenting and felt that prescribing patters were appropriate given that he was a specialist. I was able to use clinical research and data to counter his responses. Moins

Magellan Health

What was an instance where you went above and beyond for a patient?

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I told them about how I went out of my way to get a script to a pt.

Ministry of Health and Long Term Care

Describe a time you worked under pressure

Auburn University

Who do you serve as faculty - patients or students?

Boston Medical Center HealthNet Plan

How does your experience match the job description?

Penn Medicine

Why do you want to work for Penn?


what i did to go above and beyond for a co-worker

Ochsner Health

What do you like about precepting students?

CVS Health

Nothing unexpected at all. Example questions: "Tell me how you would handle a patient who is very upset with the company." "How would you help a patient who is having trouble taking their medicine?"

Ochsner Health

What was the hardest part of your residency?

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