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On a demandé à un Workers Compensation Claims Examiner...19 juin 2019

Why do you want to leave your current job?

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Looking to further my career in work comp

More options for professional growth

Looking to further my career

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MedPoint Management

Do you know how to process claims? Do you know COB? Do you know how to use EZ CAP?

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Yes. I have an experience processing claims. I know how to process COB.

Yes I do

Health Net

What is a CPT? What are the different levels of insurance? Describe a time where you've had to adopt to change and how did you handle it?

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CPT is the procedure code. The time I had to adopt change when our department was transferred to a different department. Not only did my bosses change, they made major changes to how we did things. I kept up with the changes by communicating frequently and clearly with my boss in the very beginning of the change. I always asked her for feedback on my work and made sure I was doing everything correctly Moins

Who's the recruiting agency that got you in ?

The question was reference an ethical situation?

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The regulations ca be used in two ways, negative or positive. I use the regulations and laws to help me achieve the teams goals and some would refer to it as "gray area" but the bottom line is that at the end of the day, the decisions and actions taken are with the rules. Again, my purpose is to use my resources to work for me and not against. Moins

TRISTAR Risk Management

How do you handle multitasking

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Setting most important priorities first

Ohio Department of Job and Family Services

How long have you been doing the job and what makes you a valuable person to do the job.

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I told them how long I have been doing it and the experience I can bring to the table of helping out the dept and I'm a very valuable person on the job. Moins


None really but again I had been on so many and I enjoy sales, most came pretty easy. I do love the "where do you see yourself five years from now" question.

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Either being awarded an certificate fro best sales person or sitting in the seat you are asking someone that very same question. Moins

American Automobile Association (AAA)

Tell me about a time when you went above or beyond?

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Looked up a customer's distant relatives for them


They were very concerned about how I managed time and what I would do if I was overworked as they stated that they were extremely busy and admitted they had a high turnover rate

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I told them that I was used to working overtime during my previous career. At the time it was a hourly position (it was later changed to a salaried position) Moins

James River Group

About 10 behavioral questions, be prepared and learn the S.T.A.R. responses- Tell me about a time you had multiple tasks to do at one time, how would you prioritize them.

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New losses, voice mails, emails, work list

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