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Bend Research
On a demandé à un Associate Chemical Engineer, Research Chemical Engineer...24 octobre 2012

They drew out a simple process flow diagram and asked questions about what would happen to the process if certain variables were changed.

Imperial Oil

What was a situation where you failed to achieve your stated goal?

Bend Research

What would happen if you put a capsule in water or a sugar solution.


They asked technical engineering questions.


Talked about technical questions on my resume

Bend Research

There was a question about pKa and when it's equal to pH.

Bend Research

They drew out a shell and tube heat exchanger and asked me to list all of the variables that you could change that would impact the rate of heat transfer. They expected me to have the Re number formula memorized.


Tell me about a time you worked with someone who you disliked or was hard to work with.

Bend Research

There was a question about fluid flow and an accelerating plate. I had to draw the velocity profile for different situations. They asked about shear stress.

Bend Research

They drew out a process flow diagram for a spray dryer and asked me to talk about how the temperature, pressure and flowrate of all of the streams would effect the outlet temperature. Then they asked me to write out an energy balance on the system. This was a really long and involved question. I also had to answer questions about the drying process and Fick's law.

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